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Version 01.00.00

Initial Release with some custom modules for the European Center of Modern Languages in Graz, Austria

Version 01.00.01

Added caching

Version 01.00.02

Added new controls to the Language Selector control (Include disabled locales, Auto-save)

Version 01.00.03

New Property: HideWhenOnlyOneLanguageIsAvailable (LocaleSelector)

Version 01.00.04

New BabelFishComparer Method: CompareByStringKey()

Version 01.00.05

New property: Items (BabelFishSelector, BabelFishMultiSelector)

Version 01.00.06

Changed the SqlDataProvider to use the "newer" connection string

Version 01.00.07

Added helferlein.dll Version 04.00.00

Version 01.00.08

New property: CurrentLocaleName (LocaleSelector)

Version 01.00.09

Updated helferlein.dll to Version 04.00.01

Version 01.01.00

Version 01.01.01

Fixed a bug in the Stored Procedures

Version 01.01.02

Updated helferlein.dll to Version 04.00.02

Version 01.01.02

Updated helferlein.dll to Version 04.00.03

Version 01.01.03

Updated helferlein.dll to Version 04.00.03

Version 01.01.04

Issues fixed

Version 02.00.00 (upcoming)

  • Changed the controls to follow the DNN User Interface Patterns and Conventions
  • Minimum DNN version 07.00.00
  • Included the DotNetZip Library to support ZIP download for helferlein_Links (Folder option)
  • Adapted install scripts to install properly on Windows Azure
  • Adapted manifest to meet EVS requirements

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